We are a Nation.

Founded by Mehdi Ay Berberos, after being miraculous following a near-fatal motorcycle accident in South Asia in late 2020. Outside The Box Nation is the culmination of a 16 year career and a lifetime of resilience, struggles, pressure, successes and failures.

the Outside The Box Nation movement aims to be a catalyst and a gathering point for all outsiders around the world.

The symbolism of the nation, is nothing else than a reference point for those who carry in them the DNA of the thought ‘Outside The Box’ with a value system challenging and shattering the conformity to the benefit of all components of society. All nations need this nation. the avant-garde! The courageous, carrying within them an innate and often shaped mechanism through life’s challenges … to enlighten, show, guide others. We define ourselves as leaders only when it comes to going beyond the limit. Humanity needs us.

Being an Outsiders does not depend on a psychological analysis, but only on a mindset. Show that you are an Outsider, and you will see that you are not the only one. 

The goal is not to learn or teach, but to inspire future generations.  The goal is not to evaluate or define, but to identify those citizens who through their resilience, manage to be reborn and achieve again what society considers impossible.  

it is about moral sensitivity of the outsiders and the Evolution of society.

The vision of the project is not yet shaped, we would like to integrate the agility so requested by the outsiders to the development and birth of this nation.

Think, Act, Live outside the box. 
— Mehdi Ay Berberos, 23 March 2021